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Learning to cope with stresses in your life is not always easy. Our emotions cannot always be compassionate and understanding – stress and anger are a part of our daily life. Can you help the way you feel? Not always. Can you do something about controlling your anger? Absolutely.

NorCal Anger Management utilizes the Anderson Anderson Anger Management model, which is one of the most effective and widely recognized curriculum in the world. NorCal Anger Management provides the tools to help you nurture and maintain healthy relationships with people around you. Our classes make a real difference for teenagers, adults and organizations.

Anger is a secondary emotion, which means that something else almost always comes before anger – frustration, fear, depression, stress, anxiety, or some other emotion. Even the most “balanced” individuals get angry. However, anger that takes over our lives and makes us (and people around us) miserable is neither healthy nor productive.

NorCal’s curriculum addresses abusive or disruptive behavior in the workplace, road rage, and conflict in relationships. Whether you come in as a self-referral or have been referred by the court, we understand your challenges. We are not here to change you, we help you refine your communication skills, manage stress, and develop emotional intelligence – all vital skills that you need to succeed in life. We help individuals of all ages achieve balance in life.

Our classes give you the tools you need in order to deal with issues such as impulse control, self-image, improvement of judgment, self-awareness, and forgiveness.


Leadership and Executive Coaching will help you handle the pressures of leadership and teach you to communicate more effectively with your employees. Services are provided via group classes and/or one-on-one sessions where you receive all the focused (and private) attention you need.

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Organizational Training is a custom-fit training for employees and HR departments to address co-worker and employee relationship, diversity, tolerance, and customer service. NorCal’s Organizational Training program also includes specialized School and Educator Services for teachers and students. By engaging our effective communication and listening techniques, both teachers and students can benefit from fulfilling and low-stress in-class relationships. Services can be done on campus as a part of teacher enrichment program as well as on individual bases.

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Let us help you achieve results that will improve your life!

We currently serve San Joaquin, Stanislaus, and Alameda Counties.

Class Locations in San Leandro Tracy.



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